Worth Repeating – September Productivity Posts

First grade class, circa 1960
Back-to-school time has me thinking about how we learn. Here’s a refresher course.

Just in case you missed these posts the first time around (or in case this is exactly what you need to hear today) I’m sharing some thoughts from previous September posts.

Has the back-to-school month of September got you acting like a too-tough teacher with yourself? Ease up. Focus on your consistent input more than on your results, and reward yourself from time to time. This post explains a bit about why.

It was two years ago that I wrote about my greatest organizing teacher, my father, sharing my admiration for his regret-free life. Who has shown you how to live?

It can be easy to be pulled in many directions, frantically trying to do several things at once. But multitasking — actually doing two things at once — exists  only in our imaginations. Here’s a proverb that relies on a simple image from the natural world to help you focus.

Is there something you’d like me to cover in an upcoming post? Leave a comment here. Happy September!

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