Worth Repeating – October Productivity Posts

Prometheus Bringing Fire at Rockefeller Center, New York City
Autumn in New York. (Prometheus Bringing Fire at Rockefeller Center, New York City, photo by M. Lukens)

I hope you won’t think I’m talking politics when I ask, are you better off now that you were one year ago? I’m talking productivity. Are you clearer on where you’re headed? Are your actions better targeted to achieve your aims? Are you wasting a minimum of motion? Still learning new tools? I hope so.

I reviewed the New Leaf blog archives and pulled up a few posts from past Octobers that seem worth repeating. Implement just one idea from these posts that’s right for you, and I promise you’ll be better off a year from now.

Do you have tasks that sometimes cling on your to-do list for weeks and even months? Understand why tasks sometimes hang on, and give those old tasks the brush off.

Did you learn in school that 92 percent and above earned an “A”? Me, too. What may be true in school is often not at all true in life, so here are four lessons to unlearn. They could be holding you back.

My greatest regrets in business are the opportunities that I didn’t take, the times I got in my own way to second-guess a situation until the opportunity had left the building. Now when I get an urge to attend a conference, work with an expert, contact a prospect, or make a change, I go for it. Two years ago I wrote down a short “won’t do” list. Now I’d like to add “I won’t second guess myself. If an opportunity comes my way, I’ll take it.” Is it time to refresh your won’t-do list? Tell me what you’re leaving behind.

Have a great October!

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