Worth Repeating – November Productivity Posts

Autumn leaves at the curb (photo by Lynn Park)
Autumn leaves at the curb (photo by Lynn Park)

As the end of the calendar year approaches, it is a great joy to contemplate the past with gratitude and the future with optimism.

Two years ago I shared this quote about gratitude by Dag Hammerskjold, Swedish diplomat and the first United Nations Secretary General.  As 2012 winds down, I still believe that Hammerskjold’s thought bears contemplating, sharing, and discussing. Do you agree?

That same year I shared this thought on how much time planning should take, concluding that two percent is really all that’s needed to go from random, frantic action to planned and purposeful execution. My experience is that it still requires just two percent of my time. If I use more than that, I’m using planning as a procrastination tool!

Last month I participated in a planning retreat in Tampa, Florida, with a dozen of the best organizers and productivity professionals in the country as my work partners. In that meeting I found myself once again defending and relying on the idea of a planning taxonomy that I wrote about several years ago. Planning has levels, and each one flows to the next.  Understanding planning taxonomy can make working out your plan for the coming year easier and more productive.

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Happy November!

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