Worth Repeating – March posts from New Leaf News

Boats in the harbor, Vancouver, British Columbia (photo by M. Lukens)

Some of the productivity challenges we deal with are brand new, while others are evergreen. For those perennial problems, here is a sample of favorite March  posts from years past.

It’s a good time to review your team. Are you are spending as much time as possible in your “genius zone,” letting others help you out with things that aren’t a good use of your time and energy?

There’s no “bad” time to plan. I write a personal plan for the year beginning around the first day of spring. Here’s a quote from business titan Lee Iacocca to help you begin.

Speaking of written plans, banish overwhelm three ways by creating a time block. If you’ve never made one, it can be eye-opening. If you have made one, you may be due for an update. Here’s how.

I still love Jessica Hagy’s blog Indexed. (I have it filed under “I need a laugh.”) Here’s one of her posts I still enjoy.

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  1. I like Jessica Hagy’s interpretation of the bit in the middle of the Venn diagram!
    As for going it alone, I have always loved the analogy of flying geese. Factors like taking it in turns to lead, ‘honking’ to encourage each other, and the benefits of reduced wind resistance all fascinate me. Great reminder that we can learn much from nature, if we pay attention.

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