Worth repeating – June posts from New Leaf News

How can you create a deadline for a goal that doesn’t have one naturally? Try the Pink Poker solution.

My father and various “father figures” have provided several lessons that I draw on to become more organized and productive. What have fathers taught you about the good life?

How do we set big goals? Should we start with the “big picture” and work out details, or maybe start with a clear-eyed view of where we are now, then plot the way forward? A jigsaw puzzle suggests the answer.

Television coverage and a new awareness of the problem has many people asking, am I chronically disorganized? The good news is, probably not. Whether you are or aren’t, help is available.

Would you like another reason to finally get that old task done? William James provides one.

I hope you enjoy these posts from the New Leaf News archive!

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