Worth Repeating – July 2014

Purple Buddleia (butterfly bush), Tecate, Mexico. Photo by Margaret Lukens
Purple Buddleia (butterfly bush), Tecate, Mexico. Photo by Margaret Lukens

I recently tried out a new time and calendar management app called mynd. (It’s beautifully designed!) When I finish with all my appointments, it greets me with a message: “Free At Last! (You have no more events scheduled today.)” As we in the United States celebrate our nation’s independence, I hope this month finds you feeling free, too. Free to work and free to play. Here are a few posts from years past that I hope will help you gain even more freedom.

How many hours are there in an eight-hour day? If it seems as though you can never get eight hours of work done in an eight-hour day, there’s a reason for that. If you plan for some interruptions, you can still get your most important work done.

I recently returned from St. Louis, where I worked with a particular non-profit board for the fifth year to make their annual plan. A couple of years ago this group inspired me to compare my work of helping individual business owners to make a plan to the less-predictable work of helping a group to birth their plan. Again this year, they made some magic happen.

Good sleep is essential to productivity. This means protecting yourself from the brain- and hormone-fooling yellow light of laptops, tablets, and phones. Here’s how, including a free app that can help.

And as we celebrate Independence Day in the United States, it is well to remember the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, who gave so much to her country and to the world.

Happy July to you!



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