Worth Repeating – January Productivity Posts

Happy birthday to my New Leaf organizing and productivity blog! Begun in January, 2008, it’s now four years old!

I’m dipping into the archives to offer you, my readers, a few yummy posts from those past Januarys. You know, since I can’t serve you cake digitally.

In case you thought that clutter and excess stuff was a new problem, enjoy this excerpt from a book describing what was in someone’s “garage” 3,000 years ago. Are there things in your life that are “unfit for service?”

If you aren’t making the progress you’d like, ask yourself if you need someone on your team to supply what you can’t – a tax planner, an assistant, a coach, an organizing trainer, a graphic artist, or better, an information designer. Two years ago I hired a virtual assistant, and shared with you all the questions I asked to help me choose the right person. When interviewing, remember – money is the last question you need to ask. If the person can solve your problems, a million dollars may not be enough. If they aren’t a good match for you, two cents may be too much. Is there someone you need to add to your team? (Quick update: my very skillful assistant resigned last year to accept a full-time position. Sometimes we business owners rearrange because we’re ready to, sometimes because we’re forced to. I have rearranged my business to function without an assistant for the time being. But I really appreciate all that Christine brought to my business in the 20 months we worked together.)

Finally, are you using your office real estate to the max? Consider whether you’re keeping the right occupants in your space.

Wishing that your short January days are long on productivity and ease!


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