Worth Repeating – February posts from New Leaf News

Never forget favorite posts from the past!

I’m in love with this sample of February posts from years past, and I hope you are, too!

It’s a good time to check for “tolerations” – those small annoyances that can get in the way of your progress. Address them now! Here’s how.

And speaking of tolerations, are you seeing too much of your massage therapist and chiropractor lately? The post about improving the ergonomics in my office by using a laptop stand is still getting the attention of readers looking for relief. (Soon we’ll need an ergonomic stand for the iPad, too.)

Love is in the air. Looking for a good quote to use in your valentines? Try this cheeky one.

Finally, do you agree that shorter is better? Take a look at my effort to  fit all the productivity advice in the world on just three candy hearts, and see if you agree.

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