Worth Repeating – August 2014 Producitvity Posts

Vintage lucite compact from Montmartre, mid-20th century. (photo by M. Lukens)
Vintage French lucite compact from Montmartre, Paris, mid-20th century. (photo by M. Lukens)

Each month I reach back and pick a few blog posts from earlier years, things you may have missed the first time around, and things that seem still relevant and useful today. This month I’m feasting on favorites from Augusts past, and I’d like to share them with you. Here are four to chew on:

A few years ago I wrote about my eagerness for  the advent of wireless electricity. So I was delighted last month while watching The Colbert Report to hear the subject come up. Uber-entrepreneur Elon Musk (founder of PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, and other tech ventures) asked Stephen Colbert what he, Colbert, would like Musk to work on next. The answer: wireless electricity. Yes! Forget the jet-packs, just get rid of those wires!

We can get productivity boosts from planning, apps, well-designed forms, and such, but it’s important that we not overlook some of the most common productivity thieves. Review your habits regarding alcohol, sleep, and exercise to see whether you can get some big productivity gains by creating a few healthy habits.

I continue to encounter confusion (and sometimes downright nonsense) about writing vision and mission statements.  Here’s a brief explanation of the difference between vision and mission. Once we’re clear about this, I hope you’ll be inspired to craft them for your own business. (Need help? Contact me! It’s one of the skills I bring to my clients.)

When I speak to groups about productivity and time management, I often share this quote from William James about the price of procrastination. The result: lots of people whipping out their pencils + phones to capture the reminder. I hope it gives you a little nudge, if you need one.

Hope your August is sunny + satisfying in every way!

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