Worth Repeating – May posts from New Leaf News

Old and new met as an Apple II displayed a twitter stream at the 2010 Makers' Faire, San Mateo, CA (photo by M. Lukens)

Looking ahead to summer. Remembering the past on Memorial Day. Listening as commencement speakers recall prior achievements and give advice for a lifetime.

May is filled with beginnings and endings. What would you like to begin? What would you like to end? Here are a few posts from past Mays to help make today more productive.

Is indecision holding you back?  This post from the past is a reminder that making decisions is one necessary key to making changes. There’s an update to this post: you no longer need to email me for to receive the retention guide. I’ve put it on the resources page for you to download at any time.

Would you rather listen than read? New podcasts of “Getting Organized with Margaret Lukens” are available on iTunes. This month’s programs include ways to trim an overflowing library by selling, donating, or swapping your books, and an introduction to the Pomodoro Technique for time management. It’s easy to subscribe, so that you can listen on a walk or whenever you’d like a five-minute organizing “snack.”

And a quote from the so-quotable Abraham Lincoln still seems fitting for the celebration of Memorial Day.

Enjoy your May!

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  1. I was listening to a HubSpot webinar this morning about Google productivity tools. Which lead me to perusing my Google Reader subscriptions because I have to admit I’m not very good at actually finding the time to read the blogs I follow. But I made an exception to yours this morning, which lead me to your podcast, which lead me to the Pomodoro podcast, which lead me to going through my own inbox (although I didn’t use a timer). Don’t you love the way life works sometimes? Great podcast!
    Lis Golden McKinley
    Oakland organizer

    • Liz, I’m glad you liked it – and yes, I do love the way life works sometimes! I am having fun experimenting with the Pomodoro Technique in my own work, and it is helping a couple of my clients get past stuck places of their own. I don’t use their daily task list tool – a big flat list like that has several problems, the worst one being that those tasks to which we’re “sort of but not completely” committed can hang on endlessly. But I’m liking the pacing of the Technique.

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