Wireless electricity – the ultimate cable control!

Cable clutter, your days are numbered!
Cable clutter, your days are numbered!

Why do they call my printer “a wireless device”? Though it communicates with my computer via bluetooth technology, it still must be plugged into the wall.

Now on the horizon: the promise of a truly cable-free future.

Eric Giler, CEO of WiTricity, presented the future of wireless electricity at  the TED Global 2009 conference. (See the entire video here.) Engineers, designers, and scientists are understandably excited by this revolutionary technology. Imagine electric cars that charge whenever they’re parked in the garage!

And believe me, professional organizers are excited, too!

  • The new wireless technology promises to be more environmentally friendly, doing away with the millions of batteries we dispose of each year.
  • The technology would be convenient – no more remembering to charge the smart phone. If it’s in your home, office, car, or wi-fi hot spot, it’s charging.
  • Aesthetics improve. Would you like that flat-screen monitor wall-mounted, with no cords trailing? No problem.
  • Safety and reliability improve as cords disappear.

The technology originated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, developed by a team of physicists led by Professor Marin Soljacic, who was recognized with a MacArthur “genius grant” last year.

Giler notes that the first question he often gets concerns safety. He answers that the technology makes use of a magnetic field, and does not rely on any kind of radiation, making it completely safe.

What could change for you in a world without cables?

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  1. When electricity flows through a wire, it moves along the conductive copper. Inductive load creates an alternating electromagnetic field with a coil of wire – like the back of a charging electric toothbrush.

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