Why I Love My New iPad

Logitech Keyboard Folio with the iPad
Logitech Keyboard Folio with the iPad

Four years ago, shortly after it was released, I got an iPad. It seemed like a splurge, but I quickly came to depend on it. Then last year Apple stopped supporting my “dinosaur”. I couldn’t update apps. The speed got slow, then slower.

I resisted getting a new one for several months, partly due to budget concerns and partly because I loved my old iPad beyond reason. It had gone everywhere with me for years. I dragged it around like a “blankie.” How could I say good-bye to such an old friend?

But all things do end, and my relationship with my first iPad is no exception. After a month I can report that a new love affair has begun. Here’s why I love my iPad Air.

The Air is as light as, well, air. And as much as I carry my iPad around, that matters. I can read with it in one hand. This one is so light I can slip it in most of my handbags and not strain the handles. It’s thin, too. Really thin.

Hello, gorgeous! Apple has not lost its touch when it comes to making something so tactilely pleasing that I kinda want to make out with it.

I know it’s not a new thing, but my old one didn’t have a camera – that came with version 2. Taking pictures with the larger screen makes it much easier to capture the shot I want.

Apple claims a longer battery life — 10 hours — but my experience is that it lasts longer. If I charge it every night, it lasts essentially forever.

Video! I used to have to get out the laptop to watch video, but no more. I enjoy more TED talks, more Netflix downloads, more Hulu episodes.

Inspector Gadget here. I’m not much of a gear-head, but there are two accessories that I love using with my iPad. The first is a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio. My old iPad was in mint condition, despite being my constant companion for four years, thanks mostly to a heavy-duty case that protected it from dings, drops, and all kinds of assaults. My new case is a little more fragile, but with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard, it brings my iPad closer to functioning like a full-fledged computer. The other gadget is a little Satechi bluetooth cube speaker. With the Bluetooth speaker and my iPad, I can access my entire music library in any room, wirelessly. (And I loooove not having wires to deal with.)

I access most of my documents from the cloud, using Dropbox, Evernote, or another cloud-based service. While I can access my files, I still cannot edit existing documents. When I can do that, the iPad will make my laptop redundant.

Though we’re not quite there yet, I foresee a day when the iPad (or really, its successor) will replace much larger and more expensive machines.

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