What Is A New Leaf?

New Leaf + Company logo by studio/lab
New Leaf + Company logo by studio/lab


The logo of New Leaf + Company features an emerging plant, breaking out of its bounds and heading out into the world, finding room to grow. It’s an image I love.

The phrase “turning over a new leaf” has another origin, though. The leaf refers not to a part of a plant, but to a leaf of paper. Picture medieval monks copying books by hand or a famous writer or politician keeping a diary. To turn over a new leaf is to write on a new page, to begin again, to start fresh.

Perhaps the page you’ve been writing in your business is feeling a little full. Perhaps you’d like to edit out those actions and habits that no longer work for you (if they ever did.) Perhaps you’d like to make room for some big goals and productive new practices.

Say good-bye to feeling overwhelmed. Welcome a new experience of clarity.

Turn over a new leaf.



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