What Are Others Saying?

12-15-07 © manu10319 Many of my clients prefer to work confidentially, and that’s fine with me.

A few have chosen to share their experiences of working with me, and I really appreciate the nice things they say.

Here are a few of the testimonials I have received.



About coaching, the Plan To Thrive(tm) Program, and THRIVE Planning + Productivity Group(tm):

From a home + estate organizer / genealogist in San Francisco, California

Sarah HirschMargaret’s coaching was a crucial factor when I started my career as a professional home organizer.  We worked together for about 6 months and she helped me build a rock solid foundation for my new business. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending Margaret’s Emergency Preparedness Seminar, a subject dear to her heart.  Her warmth, humor, knowledge and generous spirit were on full display.  It made me nostalgic for our time working together!  Time spent with Margaret Lukens is time well spent.

Sarah Hirsch, Home & Estate Organizer | Genealogist


From a professional organizer in St. Louis, Missouri

I decided to sign up for the THRIVE Planning + Productivity Group at a time when I was falling out of love with my business. I was stuck in a rut of analysis paralysis: I knew I needed to make some changes and develop a plan but I was completely overwhelmed by the numerous decisions I was facing. I had absolutely no work life balance, and as an organizer I know that achieving that balance is so important to happiness, good health and success.

Margaret says that she will help you build a business you’ll love, and she comes through on that promise. Through her brilliant exercises and coaching, Margaret really takes the time to get to know who you are, what you want out of your business, and how you want your business to fit into the rest of your life. Even better, Margaret helped me to figure out these things about myself, and with that new understanding I found renewed passion for my business.

I can honestly say that the THRIVE Planning + Productivity group is one of the best investments I have ever made in my business. I have a plan for the next year that is realistic, and one that I am excited to see through. I have clear direction in my business, and I know exactly who I want to be when I show up to work with my clients every day. I have more balance between work and family life and I am able to be more present for my business and for my family. Best of all, I have renewed confidence in my ability to run a successful business.

Margaret is a wonderful coach, and her exercises are simple, effective and insightful. I know that the next time I find myself feeling stuck as a business owner, I can work through the Thrive materials again to find my way. The program itself may only be eight weeks, but the tools are there for you to use over and over again as your business evolves. I look forward to using them often, and to working with Margaret again in the future when I need a coach to help me find my way.

Shelly Collins, Clutter Contained

From an organizer/coach in Missouri

A few years ago, I participated in Margaret’s Plan To Thrive program. I hired Margaret because I was spinning my wheels. I had so many lofty goals and ideas and needed someone to listen and help me sort through my mental clutter.

As a coach, I knew the importance of having a coach, and after meeting Margaret at a networking event I knew she was the right person to have on my support team. Margaret is attentive, calm, and brings so much wisdom and experience to the conversation.

Creating a business plan with Margaret was my biggest takeaway. I learned how to create goals, strategies, and action steps that I could really be excited about. I no longer panic about what I am not doing, but celebrate what I am doing.

The Plan To Thrive program was one of the best financial decisions of my career. I went through the program once, but use the tools, handouts, and information over and over again.

Tiffany Lynn Lepp, Christian Organizer Coach

From a senior move manager in Long Island, NY

After interviewing many business coaches, I made the decision that Margaret’s program would serve me well.  When the business is going through a challenging time financially, that’s the signal to get a coach to help you increase your revenue.

Margaret walked me through an exploration of what I wanted for myself and from myself.  As we went through this exercise I found that I changed my thoughts as to what was important to me. Once this was clear to me, going for the ‘goal’ became easier…  Each step brought me closer and closer to increasing my revenue and seeing success over the period of time we worked together.

I was in my business for 3 years when I started with Margaret, but during that time I got a bit sloppy with what it takes to run a business properly. Learning to focus on key points, such as pricing, marketing strategically, knowing who I am and going for ‘goal’ were the important lessons I gained by being with Margaret.  I can honestly say that if I thought I knew all about how to make my business successful before Margaret, I learned that there is so much more! Margaret’s lessons taught me the confidence to not just ‘know’ things but to actively attain success.  There is a big difference. Margaret’s responses to my questions were creative and concrete.  Not once did she offer ‘fluff’, everything she said was full of pearls of wisdom.

I am so pleased that I chose to work with Margaret and know that I have a smart coach/consultant out there that I can turn to when I want to take my business even further.  Margaret is a warm and sensitive person and a pleasure to work with.

Debbie Ginsberg, Uncluttered Domain

From a professional organizer in Berkeley, CA

I hired Margaret because I was completely overwhelmed and lost about how to run my new business. I started each day flustered and confused, unable to prioritize tasks. I didn’t know how to market or price my services. I had little confidence that I could really run a successful business.

Having completed the Plan To Thrive program, I am so much more confident, relaxed, and practiced, and I have a belief that I can really make my business a success. She enlightened me on time management skills, pricing, marketing and setting up the right, unique business plan for me. She was instrumental in setting up a good foundation for my business and articulating the vision that propelled me into starting my business in the first place.  Sometimes I squirmed with discomfort while I was learning new business skills; but Margaret always offered humor, perspective and understanding even while she challenged me.

It was such a relief to have Margaret in my corner for 4 months. I relaxed because I knew I had an advocate, a mentor, a compassionate, understanding teacher to rely on. Margaret’s expertise in helping a new businessperson is extensive. Yet her strongest skill is her gentleness and true appreciation for her client.

Emily Fox, owner Emily Fox and Company

From a healthcare provider in Nashville, TN

Before Margaret began coaching me, I felt that as an entrepreneur, I had to work all the time. Now I manage my time and prioritize my goals more effectively.  I have arranged my schedule to allow time to recharge so I have more energy when it is time to focus on work projects.

In fact, within 4 months of working with Margaret, I had earned more in those 4 months than I had the entire year before. She taught me how to work smarter and provide the best service to my clients. In the past three years, my income has increased by 40% every year, and I am working fewer hours.

I enjoy her warm, patient approach and skill in deciding what needs to be addressed first. I highly recommend working with Margaret if you want to work with ease and optimize your talents.

Marnie Reasor, Resplendent Healing

From a web designer in San Mateo, CA

When I heard Margaret Lukens’ informative presentation, “Organize Your Time and Energy – For Business,” I knew I’d found the perfect coach to provide my web development practice with the guidance and focus it needed. Impressed with the exercises she shared and her calm demeanor and expertise, I enrolled in her four-month coaching program, “Plan to Thrive.”

Before working with Margaret, I was overwhelmed with emails, client work, marketing, and everything else required to run a business. I was working hard, sometimes 10 to 12 hours a day, but yet, I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything. Together, we created a plan to reach attainable business and personal goals, accompanied by a color-coded calendar and money-tracking tool, which I follow diligently. With Margaret’s coaching, I’ve learned how to organize my day and manage my time, communicate clearly with clients, be realistic about the work I can accept, and most important, I’ve learned how to say “no” to clients who aren’t a good fit.

Even though I finished the Plan to Thrive program, I continue to work with Margaret. I realize that in order for any professional or business owner to succeed in business, we need the support of a business coach and/or accountability partner.

Today, my business has been completely transformed. While I’m still booked solid, I enjoy quality time with my with family, work a sane schedule, and pay myself a salary. With far less stress and overwhelm, I’m enjoying my life, and my business, so much more. Because of Margaret, I’m working smarter, not harder!

Phyllis Garland, Garland Web Design Services

From a leadership and executive coach in San Francisco, CA

Before hiring Margaret, I thought I already knew all of this stuff – how to put together a program, how to use my time more efficiently etc. Heck, I even coach people around similar issues! But I never wanted to take the time and energy to invest all that knowledge into myself and my business, and so I kept putting it off, and over a long period of time of procrastination, my business suffered because of it.

As a result of working with Margaret, I’ve learned how to focus my marketing messages and craft them so that it specifically addresses the problems of my ideal client to spark their interest in hiring me. I’ve learned how to effectively design program offerings for my ideal client and how to position myself with an authentic message.

Margaret is great at cutting through all the resistance and keeping me accountable to the tasks at hand! She is very action oriented, and I feel as if I’m making progress with specific goals and objectives in a timely and effective manner. She has lots of great tips on tools and resources that can save you time, money and energy too, which she generously offers on almost every call.

Thanks for all your help Margaret – its been a joy and pleasure working with you so far!

Monique Svazlian, owner of Highest Path

From a professional organizer in St. Peters, MO

I hesitated to hire Margaret because of budget and time.  However, she made it easier by breaking up the payments into installments, and  it was well worth every penny!  I put the appointments in my calendar and by about the second or third one, I found myself looking forward to our time together.  I knew she would always come up with some insight or suggestion I had not thought of before and boy, what a wealth of information.  I feel like my business has taken on new life! It has been invaluable.

There are so many tools that she taught me to use and ways to “measure” my business.  I know exactly what I need to be doing each week instead of just going from one thing to the next without a real plan.

I am so glad that I my made the choice to invest in my business.  The program was just what I needed to find focus and differentiate my business from others.

Diana Luetkemeyer, owner of Freedom Organization

From a productivity and organizing professional in Berkeley, CA

I had read lots of books on business development and I “knew” what to do. Plus, I was afraid to spend the money for the Plan to Thrive program.

I’m so glad I didn’t let that stop me.

Now I have a plan! I learned how to do the math, I got super useful tools and lots of ideas and support to grow my business. Before I started working with Margaret, I knew I needed to think about my business in a different way. I had read The One-Page Business Plan, Book Yourself Solid, Growing Your Business. Margaret helped me put what I learned in those books into practice.

I have much more confidence around growing my business and working with my ideal clients. The ideal client exercise alone was worth the price of admission.

Margaret generously shares her knowledge and experience. I felt heard, respected, supported. Her gentle questioning allowed me to explore my attitudes and beliefs about myself and my business.

I would recommend working with Margaret to people who want a plan with a clear path to growing their business and support for implementing that plan.

Gabrielle Fishman, owner of Gabrielle Organizes

From an author and online business owner in Santa Clara, CA

…I feel so much more focused now …. I worked “all the time” before, but because no one can keep up that level of focus, I would take random breaks and do other stuff, but it tended to always be with me glued to the computer, as if proximity itself would help things get done. Now I feel like, this is my time to write. I am not going to send an email or take a little break or whatever; I’m using this time….

I felt relaxed and happy working for the first time in a long time.

Kelli Pearson, author of Miss Brain’s Cool Math Games

From a professional organizer in Sunnyvale, CA

Margaret helped me find a solution to a business management problem within 15 minutes of starting our conversation – a business management problem that had been swirling around in my head for at least 6 months. Her clarity and incisiveness was amazing. She asked the right questions and thoughtfully guided me to solving my problem by myself, which I really appreciated. In addition to being a valuable strategist for your business needs, Margaret has a great sense of humor and a lovely calm manner which makes it a  pleasure to work with her. I would highly recommend working with Margaret if you are looking to develop and grow your business.
Paula Berman, Paula Berman Organizing


From a professional organizer in Campbell, CA

I worked with Margaret Lukens on methods to thrive in my business, and found her support to be sound, practical and exciting.  While business planning was an intent of mine, I lacked the specific structure with which to do so.  Margaret shared her best practices with me, which I am implementing with verve and vigor! The future of my business is stronger now that I have the tools to maintain and regulate my plan and the confidence in my ability to follow through.  Margaret brought a special mix of active listening, business acumen, deep industry understanding and effective teaching skills that I have not found in other consultants.   Thank you Margaret!

Joan McCreary, Professional Organizer

From a mortgage consultant/team leader in San Francisco, CA

Margaret, thank for you for your business coaching services. You helped me mold one of the new mortgage consultants on my team with the right mindset to achieve some impressive funding numbers in such a short period of time. In the mortgage business for less than 6 months, she ended up funding $2.8 million on her own in December! Considering that she jumped into the mortgage business after the refinance boom ended, her loan dollar volume is quite a feat for even a seasoned mortgage consultant in this market. Thanks for helping her believe she can achieve.

Dale Corpus, mortgage consultant

From an executive coach in Portola Valley, CA

I’m so glad I decided to do the coaching with you. It’s making all the difference regarding how I feel and what I know. Thank you so much.

Linda Olson, L. Olson Associates

From an online community manager in New York, NY

I’m starting to feel “back on track” thanks to you.

Scott Moore

From a professional organizer in Lincoln, CA

I am making progress toward my goals because you helped get me off the starting block.

Diane Johnston

From a financial services professional in San Francisco, CA

I appreciate the way you emphasize the positive without minimizing the task ahead. You’re a problem solver.

Sam Palmer

About time management, strategic planning, productivity, and organizing:

From a parenting coach in San Mateo, CA

Margaret was very perceptive with understanding my organizational Inbox challenges and offering great solutions. I was able to successfully implement a unique To Do strategy immediately because it made sense to me, fit my style and I’m excited using it. Margaret also quickly responded to follow-up questions. I would definitely recommend her and will work with her again.

Cynthia Klein, Bridges2Understanding.com

From an attorney in Santa Clara, CA

I am a Supervising Attorney at the Northern California Innocence Program, a clinical education program and pro bono law firm that represents prisoners with claims of factual innocence.  I am also a divorced mother of two, and an avid baker.

I have struggled forever with serious clutter and disorganization.  My home has long suffered from my shortage of time and lack of well-planned systems for storing and managing the toys, baking accessories and paper that seem to accumulate even in my sleep.

Margaret and I have worked in my home for several sessions, the most recent two in preparation for my first move in eleven years.  Given the difficulty I have in letting go of the objects that attach themselves to me and the fact that the new living space is substantially smaller than the old one, this was a daunting task.  But Margaret’s skillful, compassionate support and guidance through the process made it–if not exactly pleasurable–both tolerable and oddly satisfying.

Margaret’s style is very gentle, yet she always conveys recommendations (as well as the reasoning behind them) in a clear way that helped me feel comfortable with her superior knowledge and skill in organizing space.  She helped me to “purge” a substantial number of extraneous possessions, without letting me feel judged.  She always treated me with respect and made clear that I knew best what I needed to keep, to give away or to toss, yet her gentle advice, suggestions or questioning made me more and more able to make positive decisions about decluttering my life.  And throughout the process, she was simply very pleasurable, friendly company.

I have worked with two other professional organizers (and several amateurs) over the last 15 years.  Margaret stands out for several reasons:  her flexibility, her intuitive sense and her generosity.  In the last week leading up to my move, she made herself available for quick email or phone check-ins, just to provide a bit of support in those very stressful moments.  And in the late afternoon on the day of my big move, she sent me a message asking how I was, and telling me she had been thinking of me.  Those small gestures of understanding kindness were very helpful during a tremendously intimidating process.

I highly recommend Margaret, for her experience, her skill, her creativity, but most of all for her calming, supportive and kind manner.

Maitreya Badami

From the founder of Reposturing therapy in San Mateo, CA

Working with Margaret was educational for me personally, as well as my staff. Implementing the projects and suggestions she made for our business boosted our front desk work-flow efficiency by about 30%. We easily made our investment back in increased productivity since then.

Aaron Parnell, ACST

From a university professor in San Carlos, CA

I’m so pleased with the results! Thanks again!

Sarah Tasker

From a priest and foundation president in San Francisco, CA

…After she left All Saints Company, I had the further pleasure of using her services at New Leaf to examine processes and set-up integrating my home office and on-site office, thinking through computer and paper record keeping, and generally synthesizing appropriate structures to keep creative initiatives and idea-making from spinning out in ether. In the capacity, as her former boss, I found her guidance and patience, her patient, forgiving listening, and technical knowledge of paper, computer, electronic, and spatial solutions support, encouraging, and effective. All my experiences of working with Margaret have been satisfying, enjoyable, and have made a lasting difference to me and to the people we serve.

Donald Schell, President, All Saints Company

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