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Eight weeks that will get your business focused and growing AT LAST!

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Can you imagine a world where entrepreneurs, business owners, and community leaders like you THRIVE? Where you have the tools to follow  your shortest path to your biggest impact? Where you can be super-productive? Where you don’t have to react to today’s disaster because you’re steering by a longer-term vision? Where you get the clutter out of your calendar, so you can enjoy more time and earn more money?

I’m on a mission to help more business owners enjoy that world of higher impact, lower stress.

Enter Thrive Planning + Productivity Group.

Ways to Tell if You’re Ready for Thrive Planning + Productivity Group

  • You’ve got a business, or an idea for a business.
  • You work hard! You put in a lot of hours and a lot of effort, but you just aren’t getting the rewards you know should be there.
  • You’ve tried going it alone. It kinda sucked.
  • Maybe you’ve tried writing a business plan in the past, but somehow it didn’t fit. Or it fit, but for some reason, you never used it.
  • You’re never sure that your efforts will really add up to the results you want.

I say it’s high time for you to make a plan, get help, work with more purpose, and love it more. Are you with me so far?

What to expect when you’re “planning to thrive”

Does the idea of making a plan for your business make you want to slam your computer shut? Wait! Don’t!

Maybe you’ve tried making a plan but it seemed like a waste of time. Or you made a lovely plan, but it didn’t really help you make decisions day-to-day. Or you just love to be spontaneous, and a plan feels too limiting. Great! I’m with you. Because here’s what a plan should do for you:

  • You’ll have some a-ha’s about what really matters to you – and what you can easily let go.
  • You’ll get real about what you can actually accomplish in a day, a week, a month, and a year – and it will be a big relief!
  • You’ll get rid of the feeling of being overwhelmed so much of the time.
  • You’ll build a business that fits you and your real life (not some business that seems merely safe, average, or reasonable.)
  • You’ll learn how you can satisfy your clients better with less wear-and-tear on you.
  • As a solo business owner, you’ll learn which parts of a traditional plan you can safely jettison, because they just don’t apply to you.
  • You’ll learn how to steer your business like a Maserati on a mountain road. (Hint: it’s not by looking just over the hood.)

 I’d love to help you build a business you’ll love

I believe that a good plan is one you use every day, but it should take no more than two percent of your time to make it and update it throughout each year. (Have you ever wasted two percent of your time chasing after stuff that didn’t pan out? So have I. No fun.)

That’s why I’m offering a coaching program in a group setting – where you can learn from your peers. And get individual attention every week (the groups are limited to fewer than 10 business owners.) And keep it affordable.

While my one-on-one programs cost from $1,500 to $2,300, the Thrive Planning + Productivity Group is just $800. Here’s what you get:

  • eight live group calls of 90 minutes each
  • each call will be recorded so you can listen to it again
  • handouts to remind you of everything we discuss during our coaching sessions
  • forms you can use again and again to update and refresh your plans
  • a pdf copy of my new wee workbook The Be-Do-Have Book

There’s a group beginning in August, 2014.

Remember, class size is limited. Register today for the groups beginning soon.

Register NOW for the Thursday group beginning August 10th >>>

Got Questions?

“Why two months?” My experience working with hundreds of business owners has shown me that while it’s possible to do a plan in one shot, the results are better when you have time to think about it, ponder it, dream on it, and try it on for size. Also, you’ll be adopting some new habits, and habit change takes time.

“My business is really small. You could call it tiny. Micro, actually. Do I really need a plan?” In a word, YES! But what you really need is a plan that fits! A plan will help you be sure, whatever size you want your business to be, that you get the best results for the time, money, and energy you invest.

“I’m really busy. How much time will this take every week?” We’ll meet on the phone every week for about 75 minutes. Then you’ll have some work to do on your own. If you set aside an hour a week, you should be fine.

“I still have questions. Can we talk?” Of course. The quickest way is to use my online calendar. Just click through to and choose a time that works for you. Or you can email me and tell me the best way to reach you.

People Have a Lot of Nice Things to Say About New Leaf programs.

From a professional organizer in St. Louis, Missouri

I decided to sign up for the THRIVE Planning + Productivity Group at a time when I was falling out of love with my business. I was stuck in a rut of analysis paralysis: I knew I needed to make some changes and develop a plan but I was completely overwhelmed by the numerous decisions I was facing. I had absolutely no work life balance, and as an organizer I know that achieving that balance is so important to happiness, good health and success.

Margaret says that she will help you build a business you’ll love, and she comes through on that promise. Through her brilliant exercises and coaching, Margaret really takes the time to get to know who you are, what you want out of your business, and how you want your business to fit into the rest of your life. Even better, Margaret helped me to figure out these things about myself, and with that new understanding I found renewed passion for my business.

I can honestly say that the THRIVE Planning + Productivity group is one of the best investments I have ever made in my business. I have a plan for the next year that is realistic, and one that I am excited to see through. I have clear direction in my business, and I know exactly who I want to be when I show up to work with my clients every day. I have more balance between work and family life and I am able to be more present for my business and for my family. Best of all, I have renewed confidence in my ability to run a successful business.

Margaret is a wonderful coach, and her exercises are simple, effective and insightful. I know that the next time I find myself feeling stuck as a business owner, I can work through the Thrive materials again to find my way. The program itself may only be eight weeks, but the tools are there for you to use over and over again as your business evolves. I look forward to using them often, and to working with Margaret again in the future when I need a coach to help me find my way.

Shelly Collins, Clutter Contained

From an interior designer in San Mateo, CA

A lot of issues have become clearer, and it is easier to make day-to-day decisions based on the goals and objectives in the business plan we created together. I am very optimistic for the new year, as my business gets more organized and focused.

Agnes Moser, Senga Design

From a professional organizer in Berkeley, California

I hired Margaret because I was completely overwhelmed and lost about how to run my new business. I started each day flustered and confused, unable to prioritize tasks. I didn’t know how to market or price my services. I had little confidence that I could really run a successful business.

Having completed the Plan To Thrive program, I am so much more confident, relaxed, and practiced, and I have a belief that I can really make my business a success. She enlightened me on time management skills, pricing, marketing and setting up the right, unique business plan for me. She was instrumental in setting up a good foundation for my business and articulating the vision that propelled me into starting my business in the first place….  Margaret’s expertise in helping a new businessperson is extensive. Yet her strongest skill is her gentleness and true appreciation for her client.

Emily Fox, owner Emily Fox and Company

From a healthcare provider in Nashville, Tennessee

Before Margaret began coaching me, I felt that as an entrepreneur, I had to work all the time. Now I manage my time and prioritize my goals more effectively.  I have arranged my schedule to allow time to recharge so I have more energy when it is time to focus on work projects.

In fact, within 4 months of working with Margaret, I had earned more in those 4 months than I had the entire year before. She taught me how to work smarter and provide the best service to my clients. In the past three years, my income has increased by 40% every year, and I am working fewer hours.

I highly recommend working with Margaret if you want to work with ease and optimize your talents.

Marnie Reasor, Resplendent Healing

From a web designer in San Mateo, California

Before working with Margaret, I was overwhelmed with emails, client work, marketing, and everything else required to run a business. I was working hard, sometimes 10 to 12 hours a day, but yet, I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything. Together, we created a plan to reach attainable business and personal goals, which I follow diligently. With Margaret’s coaching, I’ve learned how to organize my day and manage my time….

Today, my business has been completely transformed. While I’m still booked solid, I enjoy quality time with my with family, work a sane schedule, and pay myself a salary. With far less stress and overwhelm, I’m enjoying my life, and my business, so much more. Because of Margaret, I’m working smarter, not harder!

Phyllis Garland, Garland Web Design Services

From a professional organizer in St. Peters, Missouri

I hesitated to hire Margaret because of budget and time.  However,  it was well worth every penny!  I put the appointments in my calendar and by about the second or third one, I found myself looking forward to our time together.  I knew she would always come up with some insight or suggestion I had not thought of before and boy, what a wealth of information.  I feel like my business has taken on new life! It has been invaluable.

There are so many tools that she taught me to use and ways to “measure” my business.  I know exactly what I need to be doing each week instead of just going from one thing to the next without a real plan.

I am so glad that I my made the choice to invest in my business.  The program was just what I needed to find focus and differentiate my business from others.

Diana Luetkemeyer, owner of Freedom Organization

From a productivity and organizing professional in Berkeley, California

I had read lots of books on business development and I “knew” what to do. Plus, I was afraid to spend the money for the Plan to Thrive program. I’m so glad I didn’t let that stop me.

Now I have a plan! I learned how to do the math, I got super useful tools and lots of ideas and support to grow my business. Before I started working with Margaret, I knew I needed to think about my business in a different way. I had read The One-Page Business Plan, Book Yourself Solid, Growing Your Business. Margaret helped me put what I learned in those books into practice.

I would recommend working with Margaret to people who want a plan with a clear path to growing their business and support for implementing that plan.

Gabrielle Fishman, owner of Gabrielle Organizes

From an author and online business owner in Santa Clara, California

…I feel so much more focused now …. I worked “all the time” before, but because no one can keep up that level of focus, I would take random breaks and do other stuff, but it tended to always be with me glued to the computer, as if proximity itself would help things get done. Now I feel like, this is my time to write. I am not going to send an email or take a little break or whatever; I’m using this time…. I felt relaxed and happy working for the first time in a long time.

Kelli Pearson, author of Miss Brain’s Cool Math Games

From a professional organizer in Campbell, California

I worked with Margaret Lukens on methods to thrive in my business, and found her support to be sound, practical and exciting.  While business planning was an intent of mine, I lacked the specific structure with which to do so.  Margaret shared her best practices with me, which I am implementing with verve and vigor! The future of my business is stronger now that I have the tools to maintain and regulate my plan and the confidence in my ability to follow through.  Margaret brought a special mix of active listening, business acumen, deep industry understanding and effective teaching skills that I have not found in other consultants.

Joan McCreary, Professional Organizer


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