You’ve registered for Thrive2013! (Details + excitement + more…)

Thank you for registering for the Thrive2013 series.

I’ve been hosting this virtual speaker series every month this year, and I’m still awfully excited about it. (Like, about-to-embark-on-a-cross-country-road-trip-excited.)

You’ll be invited to join me for this month’s live workshop. Be sure to come ready with paper and a pencil for notes – there WILL be stuff you’ll want to remember and DO.

You’ll also receive a recording of the call, in case you want to listen again (and again … and again …)

Here are the dial-in instructions for the call (you can join from anywhere in the world):

t: 530.881.1212
meeting i.d.: 148 996 266

I know you’ve got a lot on your mind, so I’ll send you reminders before our  conversation.
(They’ll have details on how to dial-in, from anywhere in the world.)

And before we connect this month, I have one small request:

Take two minutes to share Thrive2013 with a small business owner you love — or with your whole social media crew. You can copy + paste this blurb, if you like:

2013 = the year I choose to THRIVE! I’m going to Thrive2013 — a (free!) series for entrepreneurs who want to prosper, flourish + grow. Join me:

Thank you! See you @ Thrive2013!

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