Services and programs

Do you want to get rid of clutter and have more time in your day? I can help. I’ll give you the tools and the mindset to become more organized and productive, so you have time for the things that really matter to you.


Plan To Thrive™  program

In just four months you can be more focused, organized and productive than you’ve ever been. Through the Plan To Thrive program you’ll learn the skills that will make the biggest impact on your productivity right now, and learn skills and tools that you can use again and again. To see if Plan To Thrive is right for you, read more here.


THRIVE Planning + Productivity Group program

It’s an affordable group program, for all of you who want relief from the feeling of overwhelm, and the tools to build a business you’ll love.  Get all the details here.

Meeting facilitation, retreats, and workshops

Does your small group or team need help to clarify your goals, untangle knotty issues, and agree on a road forward? I have experience in facilitating half-day and full-day retreats and meetings for small groups. And I offer classes and workshops for groups of 10 to 500. Contact me to discuss your needs.


To learn more about how New Leaf + Company can help you, call Margaret Lukens at 650.342.0580 for a no-obligation consultation. Or email your request, and the New Leaf staff will contact you within 24 hours during business days.


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