Power tips from the Financial Times for building your task list

(image courtesy of Financial Times at www.ft.com)
(image courtesy of Financial Times at www.ft.com)

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by Rhymer Rigby, a reporter working for  Financial Times, for an article he was working on about using to-do lists to get more done. Today the article appeared in the Management section! You can read the whole article here.  (The Financial Times requires you to register to read the article, but registration is free for up to eight articles each month.)

I was especially happy to be able to share these ideas to help busy people get a grip on their tasks:

  • Remember that a task is just an appointment without a time attached. If a task doesn’t fit in your calendar, it won’t fit in your life. Have a hard time setting realistic expectations of what you can do in a day? It can be instructive to schedule all tasks for a while. It will help you see exactly what fits in the hours your have available.
  • Don’t prioritize your tasks. Rather, prioritize your goals, then do what is necessary to reach them. To set priorities at the level of tasks tends to keep you working on what’s urgent rather than what’s important.
  • Let go of the notion of being “behind” and being “caught up.” For most owners of small businesses there is no such thing as being caught up; there is only making progress and failing to make progress.
  • If a task languishes on your list for weeks or months, maybe it isn’t necessary. Dismiss tasks that aren’t getting done. If they’re really important, they’ll come up again.

Read the entire article to get more tips by Standolyn Robertson, a personal organizer based in the Los Angeles area, and Clare Evans, a UK-based time management coach.


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