Never Prioritize Your Tasks!

Sure, it's important -- because it's part of a goal.
Sure, it’s important — because it’s part of a goal.

Here’s a feature you might never use: the one on your task list that lets you mark a task as high, medium, or low priority.

The thing is, when you identify a task as being “high priority,” it usually means that it’s urgent and must be done today. Or soon. Low priority tends to mean “not now,” “not urgent.” Allowing your task list to control your choices is one of the things that prevents progress on your big, long-term goals.

Rather than rating your tasks, assign a priority to your goals. Is creating a new product or service one of your top goals? Then make working on it your first task. Is revising your website key for your business this year? Take the steps. Is reaching a new level of profitability your aim? Then execute every day on your marketing strategies.

Sure, you have to pay bills on time and perform all kinds of maintenance. But don’t let those urgent tasks shove aside your top-priority goals.

Write your goals. Then do the tasks that support those goals.



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  1. Margaret,

    You are right. I’ve never used the priority setting on my email or calendar. But, I do like your suggestion for assigning a priority to your goals.

    I used to spend the mornings on maintenance, but found I never got to my goals. I flipped that.

    Now I spend the mornings working on my high priority goals and do the maintenance in the afternoons. I’ve accomplished a lot more since reversing the schedule.

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