My Productivity Manifesto

The dictionary defines “productivity” as “having the power to produce large amounts of goods, crops, or other commodities.”

Yes — but no.

Ants marching in a line
True productivity calls for vision, not just busy-ness. ( (c) arlindo71)

Productivity isn’t about volume or quantity. It’s about vision + quality.

It’s not about “getting stuff done.” It’s not about de-cluttering your inbox, ticking things off a list, reducing that big stack of paper on your desk, or even finishing that book you’ve been meaning to write. It’s not about collecting gold stars, or a pat on the head.

True productivity is about discovering the easiest + simplest thing you can do — right now — that will have the biggest impact on your life, your wealth, and the world.

And it’s about doing that one simple thing before you do anything else.

That’s my definition of productivity — and when you apply it to entrepreneurship, the results are simply astounding.

You get small business owners feeling free, focused + genuinely rich. You get community leaders with money to spare, and time to share. You get a world full of people doing their best work, not just busy-work.

Can productivity save the planet?

I’m Margaret Lukens, a small business expert, productivity speaker, and master problem-solver.

I say YES.

(And I approve this message.)

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