Indulge Your Productive Urges

Indulge! ( 11-19-12 © Quanthem )
Indulge! ( 11-19-12 © Quanthem )

Indulge: to allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of something

We don’t have to look far at this time of year to hear someone encouraging us to “indulge” – by eating sweets, drinking a certain brand of wine or liquor, buying lavish gifts, asking for those same gifts from our loved ones.

And what does this have to do with your productivity? Well, let’s take a look.

Sometimes we feel we’re being productive because we’ve produced a lot – crossed a lot off our task list, made a lot of calls, gone to a lot of meetings. We’ve been busy, sure. True productivity is not about quantity, though. It’s about quality and impact. It’s about knowing the smallest action with the biggest result, and doing that thing first.

And the true meaning of “indulge” isn’t about cramming in the max — the most chocolate (ugh!), dozens of cocktails (yikes!), the biggest, most, and splashiest gifts (uh-oh). It’s about really enjoying the pleasure of whatever you’re experiencing. To indulge in chocolate is the opposite of scarfing down chocolate. We indulge in chocolate when we take one bite, and really looove it. Then maybe take another.

I wonder what would happen if we brought that attitude to other parts of our lives. What would happen if we slowed down, waaay down, and got clear on what we really wanted to be, do, and have, and what we really wanted to feel? Imagine how much less frantic energy might be spent if we all knew, with great clarity, what we are really after? We could take one small step. Then, gaining confidence, we could take another. We could indulge in the pleasure of making real progress on what matters most to us. We could enjoy the journey rather than just straining toward the destination.

As you look at your goals for the rest of this year and into next year, ask yourself, which goals feel really juicy? Which accomplishments will provide you with a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment? Say no to more of the things cramming into your schedule so that you can really experience the pleasure of true productivity. Savor what you’ve done. Then go find that next right step.

Not sure what your juiciest goals are? I’m here to help you uncover that, and make a solid plan to get there. Contact me.

(Great thanks and appreciation to Rachel Cole, a coach I’ve been working with all year, for supplying the seed of the thought about real indulgence. You can find out more about Rachel at

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