how I work

What is it like to work with Margaret and New Leaf?

On this page you’ll learn what kind of results my clients have reported. I’ll also give you a sense of my guiding beliefs, approach to client projects, and what makes me different from other organizing coaches and consultants.

Expected results

  • When you work with me, you can expect to see desirable and sustainable change in your organization of time, paper and projects.
  • You will move forward on important projects with new energy, confidence, and ease.
  • Projects that seemed stuck or out of control will be organized into manageable pieces. What once looked impossible will look do-able, and you will see progress.
  • You will have a new understanding of how you use your time. You may do more, or you may use your time differently. You will not feel bullied or pushed.
  • Because they’re more productive and focused, many clients report a rise in revenue as a result of the changes they make.

My productivity philosophy

Organizing allows you to expand and gives you room to grow. At work and at home, life is full of change, and change is messy. Organizing your time, paper and projects helps you enjoy your work and your life more, experiencing the inevitable changes with less stress.

Organizing a not a moral issue; it is a tool. Though people often feel shame, embarrassment, or guilt over some lack of organization, disorganization is simply a sign that old systems and habits are no longer sufficient for current circumstances.

There are many causes of disorganization. Therefore, you and I need to consider many solutions. That’s why I don’t promote any one system, planner or software product.

My approach

I respond to your needs, not someone else’s. Together we assess your situation, I listen to you, and we customize your solutions.

While there are certain principles of organization that apply in all situations, there are many tools to use. I’ll search for the ones that will produce the best results for you with the greatest ease.

I’ll stay with you for as long as the job takes, but not longer. While I’m there, I’ll give you the skills necessary to maintain and replicate any system or process we use. I teach you to organize yourself.

How do we meet?

I work with most of my clients by phone or skype, so you waste no time on travel. If you need face-to-face help, I can provide that, too

Where can we meet? 

I serve small business owners and independent professionals coast to coast by phone or skype. I regularly travel for speaking and client work. I am available for live sessions, including planning retreats, anywhere in the world.

New Leaf’s offices are located in Burlingame and San Mateo, California. If you’d prefer to meet in person, my offices are within easy reach of San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, and Santa Clara counties, and the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

What makes Margaret and New Leaf stand out among organizing and productivity professionals?

I don’t peddle just one solution, one planner, one method. With my long experience, I do know what is most likely to work, and I can shorten your search for a stress-free business. But you are not exactly like anyone else, and so your plans and strategies will be unique to you, too. Together we craft your solution. With experience in finance, corporate training, consulting for Fortune 500 clients, small business management, and productivity, I am able to help a wide variety of businesses make sustainable change.

So who’s the “company” in New Leaf + Company?

Whenever additional resources are required, I call on my network of skilled assistants, coaches, bookkeepers, attorneys, and other professionals to make sure my clients get whatever they need in the shortest time possible.

Now that you have a better idea of the results you can expect, my approach, and my philosophy of working with clients, go to the Services page to learn about the specific services and programs I offer.

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