The Be-Do-Have Book is very small + very simple.

But don’t let that fool you.

The questions + exercises in this book are highly-potent — and very important.

They’re like little keys for unlocking your most urgent priorities —
the projects, habits + choices that truly matter to your life, and others.


No, it will not.

This book will help you define everything you want to be, do and have — this year.

This book will also help you separate your be-do-haves into categories — like might-be-nice, would-be-great, and totally-non-negotiable.

And best of all, this book will help you answer the one question that changes … everything.
For your business. For your bank account. For your quality of life. For your impact on the world.


Nope, it’s not!

The Be-Do-Have Book costs just $15 — right here:



I certainly hope so!

Working through the book can take as little as 5 minutes, or a whole beautiful weekend.

I recommend working through the exercises in three different locations, to get three (slightly-different) results: like your home, a public space, and a sacred place — or outdoors, in nature. (But more on that, inside the book.)

The whole point of The Be-Do-Have Book is to help you recognize, choose, and make time for what truly matters. So if you feel ‘too busy’, you’re precisely the right person for this little book.



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The Be-Do-Have Book is small but mighty. Just ask these be-do-have-ers:

This exercise in exploration created some amazing a-ha moments for me! By the end, I not only knew what I wanted, I knew how to get started getting it. My next steps were laid out right in front of me. The best part: All the answers came from within my mind and heart. The Be-Do-Have Book is a wonderful way to explore your inner desires.

— Janine Adams, CPO, CPO-CD, as seen on A&E’s Hoarders and Hoarding: Buried Alive

The Be-Do-Have Book is a go-to source for making things happen. Margaret Lukens walks you through the process with ease, so you can get down to the real business of enjoying your life.

— Standolyn Robertson, CPO, Past President of the National Association of Professional Organizers

Margaret Lukens has created a powerful yet simple “wee workbook” to help all of us discover, record and prioritize any and all of the Be-Do-Have’s in our lives. Its user-friendly format and easy instructions, together with Margaret’s deep-rooted wisdom and light-hearted wit, make it a must for anyone wanting a simpler, more productive life. I plan to buy several copies—one for me and lots more to give as gifts!

— Annie Rohrbach, author of Conscious Order: Clear Your Mind, Leave Clutter Behind

With a prefect blend of encouragement and action steps, Margaret lays out a simple and powerful process to overcome overwhelm, so you can be, do and have more.

— Aby Garvey, author and creative organizing expert at

A tiny tour-de-force! This book will help you to distill your priorities and clarify what is most important to you. Feeling overwhelmed by life? The exercises in this book will identify your goals and allow you to focus on the things that will take you to where you want to be. I plan to recommend The Be-Do-Have Book to every one of my clients.

Kimberly Purcell, owner, Amethyst Organizing

This small book is a LIFE changer!  It’s a book that can literally change the life of anyone you know — sister, neighbor, son, friend, co-worker, and the list goes on.  It has the power to unlock really important and valuable tools and insights for and about our lives that are locked inside each of us if we just take the time to explore and be brutally honest.  This book gives you a template to examine, plan and yes, most definitely change your life.  

— Sue DeRoos, CPO, owner of Organize U

The Be-Do-Have Book is fresh, engaging, and laser-focused. I recommend it for solopreneurs who want to change their life and become more purpose-driven. However, it should probably come with a warning: Acquiring Effective Skills Brings On Immediate Action! 

— Geralin Thomas, CPO-CD, entrepreneur, featured on programs including The Nate Berkus Show and A&E’s Hoarders

This small book adds new usability and depth to the triad “be-do-have,” and it does so with the simplicity, thoughtfulness and usability characteristic of Margaret’s work.  I’ll be keeping this workbook on my desk for some time. 

— The Rev. Mark Lodico, Ph.D.

This deceptively simple little workbook is a powerful first step on the path to being, doing, and having your heart’s desire! Margaret helps you cut through the clutter of competing thoughts and emotions and focus on what you really want.

— Hazel Thornton, Organized For Life


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