Give Yourself Permission, (c) John DeFeo
Give yourself permission! (, (c) John DeFeo)

Do you need some encouragement to spend money on your business? Are you waiting for permission to pay for help? Consider this your hall-pass.

If you have a hard time letting yourself off the hook, you’re not alone. I recall one client who struggled with bags of shredding, always feeling that she should do it herself during odd moments rather than pay a shredding company to make the problem go away a few times each year. She let bags of old paper mar the peace, appearance, and productivity of her office because she had assigned herself this menial, repetitive job. When I suggested spending money on a shredding company, she thanked me for giving permission.

Another client had a large scanning job, converting paper files to digital format. He paid his administrative staff to run the documents through a flat-bed scanner rather than investing in a high-speed sheet-fed scanner that would get the job done in a small fraction of the time. Buying the scanner is an investment if it frees up valuable time for more worthwhile activities.

Throwing money away is no way to build your business. Neither is throwing away your time. Before you “assign” yourself or your staff any task, ask:

  • is it repetitive, boring or frustrating?
  • can a machine do it better or faster?
  • would my time or that of my staff be better used in higher-value work?

If you answer yes to these questions, then give yourself permission, and get the job done another way.




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