"Eliminating Excess" teleclass

Eliminate the excess at work and at home
Eliminate the excess at work and at home

Are you a professional organizer or hope to become one? Don’t miss the upcoming teleclass “Eliminating Excess”. This class is part of the series of classes offered by the National Association of Professional Organizers.

You will be able to assist your clients when:

  • one office mate calls the stuff clutter, and the other says it’s a collection
  • your client wants to de-clutter AND keep as much stuff as possible out of the trash
  • your client is discouraged because they’ve decluttered before, but stuff always comes back
  • your client has a cluttered calendar and task list

In this course I supply strategies for identifying clutter and hoarding, forms to help you and your client formulate a project plan, ideas for dealing with clients with different learning styles, lots of resources to donate and recycle surplus items, and much more.

This teleclass will be offered for the first time on Thursday, November 12 from 7 to 9 m Eastern, 4 to 6 pm Pacific. To register, visit the NAPO curriculum page and click on the bar for PO-204T: Eliminating Excess.

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