Do you have goals that mean something?


Busy-work, details, administrative stuff, daily trivia — these can take over your life, unless you have goals that matter.

Do you ever tell yourself that you’ll get to the important stuff as soon as you take care of all the small stuff?

Have you stopped to consider what might happen if you didn’t do all the things you feel you MUST do, that “daily trivia” that Robert Heinlein talks about?

Here are a few of my goals right now:

  • Be present more often. Let go of regrets (the past) and fears (the future).
  • Make more celebrations. Celebration is an attitude. Anything can be a celebration, so no excuses for not having plenty of them!
  • Take time to rest. Really, I want to allow myself to watch more movies. And take naps. Chuck the pedometer and just take a walk – who cares how many steps it is? (Yes, yes, pedometers have their place in the world! They can be really helpful! But right now I need rest more than I need to reach my 10,000 daily steps. How about you?)
  • Dare to admit what you really want, especially what you’d really like to give the world. For me right now, this means offering live workshops in towns and cities all over. And doing more writing. So that I can help more business owners (and would-be owners) create the Very Small Business they really, really want.

What are your goals that mean something?

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