Delegate to a Task Rabbit: A Little Help, Quick Like a Bunny

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Delegation is one of the most difficult skills for many entrepreneurs to pick up. There are  a lot of reasons for this – the skills and traits required for long-term delegation make the subject of other posts.

But what if we just need a little low-stress help on a temporary basis? We don’t need to write a complete job description and hire an assistant, but we would really like someone to knock a couple of things off our to-do list. Enter matches people who need a job done with people who have time to do it. The concept is simple. Look at your task list and find the things you need to delegate. Last fall, I (living in California) needed someone to deliver cupcakes from my son’s favorite bakery in New York to his apartment, also in New York, to celebrate his birthday. Clearly, I couldn’t do the job.

I went to and requested someone for the job. The assignment was quickly snapped up by a delightful task rabbit named Jessica. I called the bakery to place the order. On the big day, Jessica went to the bakery and found a little hitch with the order. She phoned me, we sorted it out, and she delivered the goods to my son’s apartment in time for him to enjoy a fine celebration. He was beyond pleased at my gesture, made with the aid of a task rabbit.

A client of mine with no time or energy to pick up food let a task rabbit get her order from a local grocery and deliver it for an affordable price. Others use task rabbits to wrap holiday gifts and decorate, keep platters filled at parties, assemble Ikea furniture, pick up laundry, and a thousand other odd jobs.

According to, the typical “rabbit” is most often retired, a stay-at-home mom with a little extra time, or a college student. Anyone with flexible time and a desire to help those in need may apply to become a task rabbit.

As a business owner, remember that Frank Sinatra didn’t move his own piano, and Babe Ruth didn’t sew his own uniform. Work in your genius, and let other work in theirs. can help you let go of tasks that shouldn’t be yours in the first place.

Delegation exists when you are clear on the task (especially its outcome and deadline), you have given that information to another person, and they have agreed to take it on and be responsible for it. Without those elements, delegation hasn’t taken place.

What jobs could you delegate? Leave a comment here.

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