Cool Tool: MOS Magnetic Organization System


MOS Magnetic Organization System
MOS Magnetic Organization System

Sometimes we encounter problems so small, we’re hardly aware of them. Like a tiny pebble in our shoe, they create juuuust a little discomfort. They’re not really worth stopping to fix, so we tend to tolerate them. And yet over time, those little problems — I call them tolerations — take a toll on our peace of mind and our productivity.

For example, ever unplug your phone or tablet and have the cable slither down behind your desk? What ensues could be an epic battle to retrieve it by moving a full filing cabinet or just a safari among the baseboard dust bunnies. In either case, it’s no fun.

I’ve recently been introduced to a new product meant to solve that runaway cable problem. It’s really simple, as good solutions usually are. It’s elegant, too. Called a MOS (or Magnetic Organizing System), it’s a triangular magnetic base that sticks to your desk by means of suction, or as the company’s website explains, micro-suction. Not sure what that is, but it works well in that the base stays where you put it. If you’d rather not have anything on your desk’s surface, the MOS can be applied to the wall by a spot of double-sided adhesive.

Many cables contain enough metal to stick to the MOS with no encouragement. In case those cables need an assist, the MOS comes with three flexible blue clips that attach to the ends of your cables. The clips hold the cables tight to the magnetic base.

The base attaches to the desk. The cables cling to the base. No more slithering away. Problem solved.

MOS clings to my desk's metal leg.
MOS clings to my desk’s metal leg.

But here’s one more option not mentioned in the company’s website: my desk has metal legs, so the MOS can also cling tight to the legs, taking up no surface space at all and not requiring semi-permanent attachment to the wall.

Shown here is the white version. MOS also comes in black or aluminum. Read all about it at


Full disclosure: I was given a sample of the MOS by the company in the hopes that I would write about it. They aren’t making me give it back. And I’m glad about that.

At the time of this writing, neither I (Margaret Lukens) nor New Leaf + Company LLC has an affiliate relationship with MOS.



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