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Thrive 2013 – Your Chance To Grow

Let’s talk about you.

I’m betting that you want something to change. Even if things have been pretty good so far (and especially if they haven’t been that great) you’d like 2013 to be better than any previous year. You’d like to make more money + have more impact than ever before. So that by the end of 2013, you will have done your bit to save the planet and had a good time doing it.

Is that true? Well, I’m right with you. My passion is productivity. And that’s why I’ve assembled a small group of very smart experts — a best-selling author, a multiple marathon runner, a professional organizer, and a leadership coach — to give you essential information + inspiration to get where you want to go this year. And I’m calling it Thrive 2013.

I’ve scheduled each of these four guests to give you a teleseminar – so you can join in where ever you are.

They’ll be offered once a month, so you have time to explore and put into practice the valuable wisdom and super-simple skills you’ll learn.

Each session will be recorded, so you can listen again and again.

And did I mention they’re all free? They are.

There’s just one thing. In order to get in on this terrific series, you’ll want to register so you’ll get the call-in details. To make that easy, and so that you can read more about each of the special speakers who are going to share their awesomeness with us, I’ve made a new web page, just for Thrive 2013.

I suggest you go there now. Claim your spot.

See you on the calls!



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