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Play It Again – January Productivity Posts Worth Repeating

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Hard to believe that this blog has been going for six years! In honor of my blog-iversary, I’m revisiting some posts from Januaries past that seem as fresh and useful now as they did when written.

Whether you make resolutions or not, let your year (and every month in it!) begin by sharing an intention with Ben Franklin for progress in all things. It’s short + sweet + worth putting on a sticky note for display monitor-side.

If keeping up with reading is one of your productivity challenges, you may want to spend a little time training your brain to “get the lead out” and move a little faster. Here are a few sources for help in pumping up your reading speed.

Have you sometimes felt deflated by how little of your latest plan you actually got done on time? Turns out, you’re in good company. We humans are notoriously poor at judging how fast we can change things. And this can be good news for your future plans, if you know how to avoid “the planning fallacy.”

Two years ago when I first shared with readers my love of the Pomodoro Technique, the e-book was available for free. While that’s no longer the case (the e-book is now available for under $11), the value is still just about priceless. Many of my clients have found nearly instant relief from applying this technique to breaking down a big project and getting it done. I still give it a five-tomato rating!

I hope your 2014 is off to an excellent start!

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