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Worth Repeating – October 2014

Pomegranates ripening on a bush, Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico. Photo by Margaret Lukens
Pomegranates ripening on a bush, Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico. Photo by Margaret Lukens

Happy Harvest Time! In this monthly feature called “Worth Repeating,” I’ve harvested a small crop of posts from recent Octobers that  feel as fresh as when they were first written. Because when it comes to good productivity practices, we can all benefit from a little reminder.

Next weekend, most residents of the United States will set their clocks back an hour to mark the end of Daylight Savings Time. If time changes caused by travel or seasonal adjustments mess with your equilibrium, revisit this post about the SleepCycle app, and get relief from time-change trauma.

Last October I declared it a “month of not-knowing.” Since then, I’ve made tons of changes in my business and my life. Among the steps I took to reduce my fixed expenses and give myself a little more flexibility, I closed my away-office and moved all my business back to my home office. I’ve launched a new online class, PO-103 Ethics for Professional Organizers and Productivity Specialists. I’ve made changes in my daily habits to give me more clarity, including having no alcohol for nearly a year and beginning a practice of mindfulness meditation. Now, twelve months later, “the month of not-knowing” is still in force. Is there a place in your life where you’re waiting for the fog to burn off?

Late autumn often feels like a time of waiting. In the northern hemisphere, darkness falls sooner, the atmosphere can feel hushed. It’s worth remembering that we don’t always have to be proactive to be productive. Make good use of your waiting time, with this meditation from wolf-watching.

You’re perfect. No, really! So am I. And… well, this zen proverb says it all. Can you hold two opposites in your mind at the same time?

I wish you an outstanding October, this year and always!

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