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October Quote: The Essential Step to Success

Out of Time

Would you like the formula for success?

Double your rate of failure.

— T.J. Watson, Jr., former president of IBM

Remember that failure is never permanent unless you stop. Fail often, fail fast, and let those around you fail, too. Perfectionism is a show-stopper. Failure is an essential ingredient for creativity, innovation, and success.


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What’s Better Than Perfect? Escaping the Perfectionism Trap

What’s better than perfect? Many years ago, when I applied for my first real career-launching job, I prepared for my round of interviews with practice questions supplied by a university career counselor. I remember one question we were advised to be ready for. It was this: What is your greatest weakness? And I recall my… Continue Reading

Six things fathers have taught me about the good life

In recognition of Fathers Day, I would like to share a few of the lessons that fathers have taught me about the good life. Quality: Forget perfection, strive for excellence. Craftsmanship: Never blame your tools. Mastery: Begin with baby steps, but don’t stop there. Diplomacy: The first lesson in the art of war is to… Continue Reading

Goals: Change or Transformation?

by Margaret Lukens, New Leaf + Company LLC My friend and master story-teller Pamela Grenfell Smith has posted a short, thought-provoking entry titled “What’s the Difference Between Transformation and Change” What supports goals that are marked by spaciousness, richness and flexibility? What sorts of goals create anxiety, rigidity, and stress? Do you have any goals… Continue Reading

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