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Worth Repeating – September Productivity Posts (2013 edition)

baskets of tomatoes at farmer's market
Garden Candy, Farmer’s Market, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada (photo by M. Lukens)

Sometimes it’s not what we need to learn, it’s what we need to remember that matters most. In that spirit, I’m offering a small collection of primo posts from prior Septembers to usher you into autumn.

Did you acquire a bad habit or two during the lazy days of summer? Time to shape up! Because September is often the start of a busy season, take a minute to review these 30 quick tips on how to quit wasting time.

While autumn sometimes speaks of new beginnings – think back-to-school – the approach of winter can also turn our thoughts to how things wind down. Pablo Picasso’s worthy thoughts on procrastination got me thinking. Maybe they’ll strike a chord with you, too.

I find that a daily writing practice is a great way to clarify muddy thoughts, write better and faster, and clear out the mental gunk. It’s a practice I’ve shared with many clients.  Here are some tools to help you get inspired to write every day.

Spring isn’t the only time for cleaning. Take an hour and clean out your paper files, then take all the sensitive information to your favorite shredding place (such as the local UPS store) for secure document destruction.

The Farmer’s Almanac reminds us that September’s full  moon is called the Harvest Moon, and it occurs on the 19th in North America this year. Generations ago people living on farms used the light of the Harvest Moon to work extra hours gathering in the crops. You can use it for a late-night ramble or some sky-gazing, if you’d rather. Happy September!



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