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Worth Repeating – September 2014

03-31-10 © shansekala Time flies! Already it’s September, and the year is two-thirds done. So naturally as I looked back through the New Leaf blog archives, I was especially drawn to past posts that help us make the most of our time. Here are a few I’d like to share, just in case you missed them the first time.

Perhaps you look to New Leaf and me (Margaret) for help with vision, mission, and setting goals. Good – we can talk about those all day! But once in a while, all we really need is some quick tips. I gathered 30 of tips on how to quit wasting time, one for every day of the month. Make this September the month you quit wasting time.

The worst kind of deception is self-deception. I’ve discovered some lies I tell myself. Are any of these prevarications on your rap sheet?

A few years ago my husband and I took a very special vacation. It put me in the mind of something Pablo Picasso said about procrastination. We will all do well to pay heed as 2014 races toward the new year.

I wish you the time of your life this September!

(photo from 03-31-10 © shansekala)

Essential Office Supplies (& How To Make Sure You Don’t Run Short)

Is there anything as bad than running out of basic office supplies? Yes, there is. It’s having a ten-year supply of hanging files consuming all your storage space since someone accidentally ordered three cases instead of boxes. Managing your inventory of essential office supplies shouldn’t consume a lot of time or brain power. If you’re… Continue Reading

My Conference Packing List is Now Yours, Too

No sooner had I made my plane reservations this morning for the first conference I’ll be attending this year (a week in New Orleans this April with 800 or so professional organizers who, believe it or not, know how to party), than my friend Jodi Womack published her conference packing list . I’ve been sharing… Continue Reading

Why I Love To Help People Get Organized

Order is the shape upon which beauty depends. – Pearl Buck One of the most alarming people I’ve spoken to recently was a young woman who thought she might want to become a professional organizer. What she really wanted was to lay down the law, boss people around, and plumb everyone up. I carefully explained… Continue Reading

Worth Repeating – September Productivity Posts

Just in case you missed these posts the first time around (or in case this is exactly what you need to hear today) I’m sharing some thoughts from previous September posts. Has the back-to-school month of September got you acting like a too-tough teacher with yourself? Ease up. Focus on your consistent input more than… Continue Reading

Keeping the Clutter Busters In Line

As I headed to Baltimore last week for the annual conference of  NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) where I presented a workshop on writing a business plan for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses, Angela Wallace, our association president, sat down with a reporter from the New York Times to talk about the organizing industry… Continue Reading

“Building a Business You’ll Love” Coming to San Francisco

  On October 15 I’m teaming up with Geralin Thomas, owner of Metropolitan Organizing and expert organizer from A&E’s Hoarders, to present a workshop especially for newer organizers and those who are wondering whether organizing might be right for them. It’s called “Building an Organizing Business You’ll Love,” and we have packed so much information… Continue Reading

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