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StandStand: A Go-Everywhere Standing Desk on Kickstarter

Update, October 13, 2014: With one week still to go on the Kickstarter funding period, this project has far outstripped its funding goal and will go forward. You can still get in at “pre-public” pricing or super-early shipping. I believe the popularity of this product shows how many people would like to experience the benefits of working at a standing desk without the typical problems — ugly desks, weighing a ton, anchored in one spot. What do you think?

Ever want to be an angel investor? Or maybe you just wished you could get the benefits of a standing desk while you’re away from the office and for under $100. If so, there’s a Kickstarter campaign you’ll want to know about.

StandStand - the portable standing desk
StandStand – the portable standing desk

Luke Leafgren, an Arabic teacher at Harvard by day, has invented a super-sturdy, super-portable standing desk called StandStand. You can invest mega-bucks, or just support the project by pre-ordering yours, in Baltic birch ($50) or bamboo ($90).

Why a standing desk? Here’s a quick review. Research shows that extended sitting is damaging to our health and well-being. Even people who exercise an hour a day (and so are considered “active”) are subject to the harm that comes from sitting for long periods. A sample of what awaits prolonged sitters:

What is extended sitting? People all over the world sit an average of 7.7 hours a day, and in the Western world, we sit even more – up to 15 hours a day. That’s more than is good for us.

Hitting the gym for longer hours isn’t required to counteract the effects of sitting. We can just stand. For many of us who log a bunch of hours at a computer (raise your hand here), that means finding ways to work standing up.

StandStand portable standing desk
Use your feet instead of your seat!

The StandStand makes standing up to type possible in places where it wasn’t available before: the library, the coffee shop, the office with no room (or budget) for a standing desk.

I jumped on this opportunity.

Have you tried to work standing? What motivated you to try it? How does it work for you? If you haven’t tried it, what keeps you in your chair? Leave a comment below.


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