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October Quote: The Essential Step to Success

Out of Time

Would you like the formula for success?

Double your rate of failure.

— T.J. Watson, Jr., former president of IBM

Remember that failure is never permanent unless you stop. Fail often, fail fast, and let those around you fail, too. Perfectionism is a show-stopper. Failure is an essential ingredient for creativity, innovation, and success.


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Act Like the President: Let Your Calendar Boss You Around

“(Microsoft Chairman Bill) Gates, who operates a bit like an unofficial head of state, is managed down to the precise minute by an innumerable team of handlers and schedulers and assistants.” (The New York Times Magazine, September 7, 2014) Looking for ways to improve your time management? Pretend you are Bill Gates, an “unofficial head… Continue Reading

I Would Have Written Less If I’d Had More Time – why a shorter business plan is better

I’d have written a shorter letter, but I didn’t have the time. — French author Blaise Pascal Once in a while someone gets the wrong idea. They hear that I teach owners of very small businesses how to make a one- to two-page plan, and they conclude that it’s a “business plan lite.” But in… Continue Reading

Should You Include Personal Stuff In Your Business Plan?

I get this question a lot: in my annual plan, should I just write about my business goals or should I include personal things, too? Short answer: if you are the chairman of a General Motors, your business plan should not include anything about your personal bathroom renovation.  No, your plan will include five-year financial… Continue Reading

My Productivity Manifesto

The dictionary defines “productivity” as “having the power to produce large amounts of goods, crops, or other commodities.” Yes — but no. Productivity isn’t about volume or quantity. It’s about vision + quality. It’s not about “getting stuff done.” It’s not about de-cluttering your inbox, ticking things off a list, reducing that big stack of… Continue Reading

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