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The red tribal rug in my office.
The red tribal rug in my office, more necessary than a chair.

The first thing I bought for my new office was not the new file cabinet that I need or the bookcase or the desk chair.

It was the rug. And not just “a” rug. A great rug! A handmade tribal carpet, a Kazak woven from super-soft goat hair, with the rich, bright colors I favor.

We all have our pain points. For some it may be a squeaky desk chair, for others it could be slow electronics, or poor sound quality from a set of speakers. For me it is a space that is aesthetically blah. I cannot, will not, work in ugly.

I imagined the rug well before I found it. I had a photo of another rug, a placeholder rug, on my Pinterest board where I tacked ideas of what I would like in my new office. I didn’t know what color the wall-to-wall carpeting would be before I got the rug. But when I found it, this rug — its color and pattern and the vibe that comes from handmade things — gave me joy. And that’s really how it knew it was “my great rug.”

So it was the first thing moved into my new office. And while I waited without a desk for the telephone company to come and give me internet service, I sat on the floor like a Bedouin, like a Tuareg, like a Turkic yurt-dweller. And typed on my MacBook.

Is there something that you would love to have in your work surroundings? What needs to happen before you make the change? Perhaps someone has suggested that your devotion to top-quality speakers or a perfectly ergonomic chair or bunny slippers (or handmade rugs) is frivolous. But would it delight you? Would it please you every time you used or saw it, for a long time?


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  1. Margaret, this post resonates with me because I too find joy in arts, crafts and all things handmade. There is something comforting and special about the feeling I get when looking at an original painting, a hand-blown piece of glass or a rug. Ditto for made-by-hand jewelry or scarves and other accessories. In my office I have something I love made by our mutual friend, Janine Adams; three felted nesting bowls. Those bowls are full of good mo-jo! I love knowing that she made them, by hand, for me! Enjoy your rug (enjoy your office!)

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